We’re back in Tuscany for the holidays. The trip from Nice to Florence offers the most spectacular views of sea, medieval seaside- and hilltop villages, and the mountains inland. One area that I’ve always wanted to visit is the Northwestern area of Tuscany also known as the Apuan Alps. Yup, that’s right, where no other than Michelangelo got his marble for e.g. the David from. In fact, summer or winter, these alps always show their white marble excavations (may look like snow from a distance) and as you approach Carrara you see the many marble shops and industry that have developed especially in post war times – so not all of Carrara is very pretty to look at. Surely when Michelangelo came here to choose his perfect block of marble it must have been quite enchanting, but he did have to wait 8 months for it to ship to Florence, a trip that today could be done in less than 2 hrs!